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Another service we offer for the hotel sector, Revenue Management is simply “selling the right room to the right person at the right price on the right day”. Sounds easy? If it were, we wouldn’t need to offer it!

With the transparency in pricing brought about by the internet, hotels have to make sure that their rates are appropriate to the market, competitor set, seasonality and so on.

Additionally, they need to maintain Rate Parity – making sure that rates are the same across a multitude of channels. It’s surprisingly difficult.

We help hotels develop and follow a Revenue Management strategy that is right for them, for their size, resources and abilities. So that they can maximise their revenue from every opportunity, with a clear strategy in mind that tells them what to do with their pricing in a given situation.


Below are the services we offer you to increase your revenue.

  • OTA Contracting – We contract you to all top OTA’s to increase your online presence.
  • Rates and Inventory distribution to OTAs – We use our platform to distribute your inventory across all OTA’s. Our platform works on pool inventory method in which we can distribute 10 rooms to 30 OTA’s without a fear of overbookings because when a booking is made, inventory is automatically reduced.
  • Website Optimization – If needed we redesign your Hotel website and do basic SEO so that your hotel website can rank better on google search.
  • Hotel Booking Engine and Payment gateway – Hotel website can also act as good channel for bookings. We place our booking engine and payment gateway on hotel website so that some more bookings can come from hotel website.
  • Improve the Visual & Descriptive Content across all Portals. – Visual and Descriptive content plays a very important role in conversion. So we improve the content of the site by correcting the current content and make them as per the industry standards.
  • Ensure rate parity to improve hotel trust – Having a rate parity across all OTA is very important factor in improving the OTA’s ranking. Our platform distributes the rates without creating a rate parity issues.
  • Reputation management – Trip Advisor – Trip Advisor is also very important in hotel conversion. Large number of bad reviews really affect the online conversion of Hotel.We make sure that the reviews are in control and also regularly feedback is provided to hotel.
  • Offline Promotions across Travel Agents – We run an offline promotion for the property with wide network of Travel agents to increase the hotel bookings.

These are the few of the highlight points on how we manage our program, but there are many more things we do at the backend in order to generate more revenue for Hotel.

So get in touch with us for more details on Online Marketing and Revenue Management

"Online Marketing and Revenue Management"